Cooler Concord

Take Sustainable Action at

The Cooler Concord website is a new resource for sustainable action in Concord and nearby communities.  It uses a community platform built by MassEnergize, a local non-profit dedicated to helping communities become more sustainable.  The platform uses several of the features from the old Cooler Concord site, but with many improvements to boost its impact, including:

  • CoolerConcord is a web resource for many sustainable actions big and small.  Find out what you can do and encourage your neighbors with the actions you’ve already taken.  New this month on Cooler Concord:

    * Practice Ecological Landscaping: tips and advice on environmentally friendly gardening and lawns.

    Bike-to-school Concord: Ride to school safely with friends and neighbors.

    * Join the ConcordCAN team or one of the other teams.  We’re in this together!

Please visit the site to tell us what actions you’ve already taken or are interested in taking, and leave a story or two about your experiences.


Every Day Is Earth Day
Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
By Harriet Dyer

Don’t just worry about climate change—take action against climate change! There are many simple things you can do today to make a difference.
Every Day Is Earth Day is full of simple ways to reduce your environmental impact. From tips on creating a more eco-friendly home and ways to reduce your plastic use, to advice on shopping sustainably, within these pages you will discover everything you need to know to help you make planet-friendly choices and live a more sustainable life. Read it, do it, and share it with others!