Recap of An Update on Concord’s Climate Plan by Brian Foulds

At October’s Sustainable Concord Coffee, Brian Foulds, the current Chair of the Concord Climate Action Advisory Board and previous Vice-Chair of the Energy Futures Task Force, offered his personal perspective on Concord’s Climate Planning. He presented a broad account of what the Town is doing now, how municipal planning and action have evolved over the past several years, and the future directions that may be anticipated. He strongly appealed to ConcordCAN and other local environmental groups to help the Town accomplish its ambitious carbon reduction goals, making it clear that success is possible only when all of us pull together. His excellent Powerpoint slides speak for themselves and can be accessed by clicking on this link.

Recap of Climate Change Advocacy Training with Paul Dale

In October, ConcordCAN joined with the Concord-Carlisle League of Women Voters and the Sierra Club in co-sponsoring two sessions of “Climate Change Advocacy Training,” featuring the Sierra Club’s Paul Dale.

In this training, Mr. Dale provided valuable insights and guidelines for those of us who want to advocate effectively for critical statewide climate legislation in Massachusetts. He also laid out for us what the top priority bills before the Legislature are at this time. He provided an insider’s view of how our legislators and governor manage climate legislation. Without strong and effective advocacy, legislation is often lost in committees and never brought to the floor for a vote.

Dale advised that we contact our state representative and senator regularly and repeatedly , in person or by phone, saying each time that the climate crisis in our #1 concern. We should ask them about their recent actions addressing this crisis and thank them if they are active. We should also reach out to other towns, especially to residents of districts of legislative leaders and urge them to make personal contact with those leaders. Within our towns, we should ask Town Officials and Boards to advocate with the Governor and key legislators. Personal communication to the Governor and key legislators is essential.

At the top of the list of top priority Mass. bills, Dale stated, is first of all, the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA). He identified all top priority bills. Click on this link for another listing of them on the Sierra Club website.

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