who we are

ConcordCAN! is an independent grassroots organization in Concord, Massachusetts. Our mission is to promote sustainability, to advocate for environmentally positive policies and behaviors, and to work in cooperation with other local organizations on these important issues. 

“Going Local” is central to our vision. Being a part of a worldwide movement, the impact of small changes made here will be multiplied many times over. 

what we offer

ConcordCAN! hosts monthly a ‘Sustainable Concord Coffee‘ on the third Tuesday morning of the month at the Harvey Wheeler Community Center. We invite local experts to speak on topics ranging from solar to water, from food and farming to re-localizing the economy, from climate change adaptation to socially responsible investing. A lively Q&A follows.

Several times a year ConcordCAN! with an informal coalition of eight local organizations produces a speaker series: “Climate Solutions: Meeting the Challenge”. ConcordCAN has, over time, played an active role in starting up programs that have now become independent of us. We continue to collaborate with them and support them by publicizing their events. Our members are often members of other community groups as well as this one; and we strive to be a part of a local environmental network.


Working to Build a Sustainable Community

 Our environmental activism has included organizing the filing of two warrant articles related to sustainability at the 2011 Annual Town Meeting. These articles were both passed, and the Town adopted four sustainability principles set forth in one of the articles as official guidelines for municipal decision-making