Environmental Campaigning – Taking Action Now

Tuesday, June 18, 2024, 8 – 9 am
First Parish Church
20 Lexington Rd (use the side entrance)

Arrive at 7:45 am to enjoy coffee, breakfast, and conversation.

As we see more and more effects from climate change in the form of severe flooding, intense storms, and raging wild fires, it has been increasingly imperative that we have a government leadership that will act to sustain a livable planet. Given the enormous stakes in the November election at all levels of government, we must elect environmentally-oriented candidates and prevent a climate-change denying government from dismantling regulatory agencies and allowing fossil fuel companies to drill where they want, when they want.

Getting involved is essential; we are a powerful force when we all take action. ConcordCAN has invited multiple speakers who will talk about what we can do to help to get out the vote and elect candidates who support environmental issues. If you are a long-time activist, you will learn about new organizations and tactics. If you are a newcomer to campaign volunteering, you will learn how easy and useful it can be to get involved.

Specific organizations include:

  • Environmental Voter Project
  • Elders for a Sound Democracy
  • Concord Indivisible
  • VolunteerBlue


Join the ConcordCAN! Steering Group
If you are interested in joining the Steering Group, please contact any one of us.ConcordCAN Steering Group members: Janet and Bob Lawson, Janet Rothrock, Garret Whitney, Mary White, Scott Richardson, Janet Miller, and Sharon McGregor.