Climate Change is Here; How Can We Become a More Resilient and Supportive Community?

Tuesday, November 14, 8 – 9 am
Tri-Con Church, Walden St

Arrive at 7:45 am to enjoy coffee, breakfast, and conversation.


Please join us for a group conversation about how we can create a more resilient, supportive community as we face stresses associated with climate change. This moderated discussion will explore how we can adapt to the changing climate together as a community – as we continue our work to minimize and mitigate the impacts of climate change. We will consider support structures and initiatives to help vulnerable members of our community as we bear the impact of climate change. The goal of the meeting is to hear ideas, examples, and themes that can reinforce our collective well-being and catalyze a more caring community – a community that is able to prevent, moderate, and withstand the strains of a changing climate at the personal, neighborhood and town levels.


Participation requires no environmental expertise, training or policy background. Rather we ask you bring you own personal experience and perspective to this open inquiry. Our conversation will be moderated by Concord resident Sue Richardson who is a professional coach, trainer and facilitator.


Join the ConcordCAN! Steering Group
If you are interested in joining the Steering Group, please contact any one of us.ConcordCAN Steering Group members: Janet and Bob Lawson, Janet Rothrock, Garret Whitney, Mary White, Scott Richardson, Janet Miller, and Sharon McGregor.