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Sustainability Articles 
Concord Town Meeting

Tuesday May 11, 8-9 am
Via Zoom
registration required

This year’s Concord Town meeting, to be held in a single session on June 13th (info here), will take action on several warrant articles which have sustainability implications.  Our May Sustainable Concord coffee will feature three speakers presenting those articles:

Mark Hanson will speak about Article 40: Neonicotinoids Prohibition on New Leases of Town Lands. Mark is a member of the Pollinator Health Advisory Committee; 
Alice Kaufman will present Article 31: Home Rule Legislation and Bylaw Amendment: Regulation of Fossil Fuel Infrastructure.  Article 31’s aim is to require that new construction not use fossil-fuels for heating or other uses. 
Haley Orvedal, from the Concord Planning Board, will present three articles sponsored by the Planning Board.  See the description below for the description of those articles. 

Please register here to participate, as the attendance is limited for the Zoom account
After a 30-minute presentation, there will be ample time for questions and comments, to encourage discussion among the audience. Unfortunately, the “Climate Cafe” will not be open; so please bring your own hot beverages and delicious local goodies to the Zoom room.


Save 1442 Main St. Group

Call for action

Together we can defeat the proposal and reject the developer’s assault on our town. On June 10, 2021 Symes Development and Permitting, LLC. will, once again, appear before the Concord Zoning Board of Appeals requesting a special permit to remove more than 60,000 cubic feet of earth from a parcel of land located at 1442 Main St. in West Concord and, at the same time, clear-cut nine acres of trees. ConcordCAN joins hands with other individuals and groups in Concord who feel that it is extremely important that this permit be denied.

ACTION 1: Write a Letter to the ZBA
Our goal is to show that this project simply cannot move forward because it would violate the conditions required for the Special Permit. We need concerned Concord residents like you to send a letter to the Zoning Board of Appears TODAY. It can be as short as a single paragraph. Our goal is for residents to submit at least 100 letters. A sample letter can be downloaded here.
Email your letter to Elizabeth Hughes, Town Planner @ and ask her to forward to the members of the ZBA.

ACTION 2: Attend the Thursday, June 10, 7pm  ZBA Meeting
It is critical to attend the next ZBA meeting and provide public comment. Some residents are apprehensive about speaking in public, but now is the time to step up and voice your opinion. This development will have substantial, long-lasting negative consequences to West Concord. Note that this meeting could be rescheduled, so it is important to confirm the date and time on the town’s website.

ACTION 3: Submit an Editorial to the Concord Journal.
Write a letter up to 300 words in length and email to the editor Robert Fucci @ Include your home address. There is no cost to submit an a letter to the editor. *Monday 9am is the deadline for publication that week.

ACTION 4: Sign the Petition
Sign our petition and share the link with friends and family. We will share the petition results with both the ZBA and Planning Board prior to the next meeting on Thursday June 10th. Please sign the petition, today.
To learn more about the project and Save 1442 Main St. go to will find an extremely good explanation of what the development plans are; why they require a special permit; how they pose a threat to Concord’s natural environment and to the health and welfare of local people


Better Future Project
Webinar Series:
Who’s Delaying
Climate Action in MA?
Monday, May 3,
7 – 8:30 pm

Register to attend

Attend this webinar about the toll of behind-the-scenes lobbying and what we can do to win. Earlier this year, Brown University released a bombshell report that identified the forces working against climate action in Massachusetts.
We are thrilled to welcome Researchers Trevor Culhane, Galen Hall, and J Timmons Roberts, as well as Rep. Mike Connolly to answer the question everyone is asking: Who’s Delaying Climate Action in MA?


Town Meeting’s
Environmentally Important
Planning Board Articles 
on the Warrant 

The Concord Planning Board has submitted for the June 13th, 2021 Town Meeting Warrant several articles which amend current zoning bylaws. These articles are designed to bring these bylaws into greater synchrony with other town documents. Specifically, they align the bylaws with the goals and commitments of the recently completed Climate Action and Resilience Plan and the Envision Concord Long Range Plan. There are currently significant inconsistencies between what the town is trying to accomplish environmentally and what is allowed or not allowed when Concord land is developed. ConcordCAN applauds all efforts such as these to be consistent in adhering to its goals. By clicking here, you can read descriptions of the amendments of 1) the Tree Preservation Bylaw,  2) The Floodplain Conservancy Bylaw,  and 3) the Earth Removal Bylaw.