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Environmental Campaigning – Taking Action Now

Tue June 18, 8-9am
First Parish Church, 20 Lexington Rd

As we see more and more effects from climate change in the form of severe flooding, intense storms, and raging wild fires, it has been increasingly imperative that we have a government leadership that will act to sustain a livable planet. Given the enormous stakes in the November election at all levels of government, we must elect environmentally-oriented candidates and prevent a climate-change denying government from dismantling regulatory agencies and allowing fossil fuel companies to drill where they want, when they want.

Getting involved is essential; we are a powerful force when we all take action. ConcordCAN has invited multiple speakers who will talk about what we can do to help to get out the vote and elect candidates who support environmental issues. If you are a long-time activist, you will learn about new organizations and tactics. If you are a newcomer to campaign volunteering, you will learn how easy and useful it can be to get involved.

Specific organizations include:

Stop North Airfield Development

Climate Impacts of Proposed Private Jet Hangar Expansion at Hanscom Field

Neil Rasmussen from Save Our Heritage
Tue May 16, 8-9am
Tri-Con Church, Walden St and on Zoom

Massport is planning a massive hangar build-out for private luxury jets at Hanscom Airport, representing the largest single development in Hanscom’s history. If carried out, these plans will dramatically increase greenhouse gas emissions and undercut town, state, and national climate goals at a time when climate scientists are warning us to dramatically decrease our emissions.

Private jets, which typically carry four to five passengers, generate nearly six times more CO2 per flight than a typical passenger car generates per year and are up to 14 times more polluting, per passenger, than commercial planes. For this reason, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has proposed a ban on private jets. France is also considering a ban.

The Hanscom project would nullify the climate benefits of approximately 1/3 of all the current solar energy installations in Massachusetts. For this reason alone, expansion of private plane facilities should not move forward here – or at any other airport.

In the era of Zoom meetings and an abundance of more efficient travel options, there is no benefit to the Hanscom project that would compensate for the harms to the climate it would cause.

We cannot allow the convenience and luxury of the privileged few to accelerate the catastrophic effects of climate change on billions of people.

Please sign this petition to Governor Healey to demand that she stop this expansion. NOTE: When you see a donation page, you can close out of it. Donations go to iPetitions, not our cause.

The proposed development would:

  • Add nearly 500,000 square feet of hangar space on 49 acres of mostly undisturbed land
  • Add 27 private jet hangars for up to 81 additional private jets
  • Add more than 36 acres of rainwater-impervious area
  • Impact 35 environmental justice populations within a 5-mile radius
  • Clear-cut mature trees that are the most efficient CO2 carbon sequestration technology
  • Harm local wildlife and biodiversity

“Our world needs climate action on all fronts: everything, everywhere, all at once.”
—UN Secretary General António Guterres

“The Hanscom Field expansion is the single most ludicrous idea I’ve ever heard. They ought to rename it Carbon Dioxide Field. Find a way to knock that down fast.”
—Bill Mckibben, in a talk in Concord on 4/2/23

For more information or to receive future actions and updates, please contact Save Our Heritage at

Carbon Countdown

Sustainable Middlesex Carbon Countdown

Tue May 16, 7:00pm: Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer
Sat May 20, 9:30am: Senator Mike Barrett

Melissa Hoffer will focus on an equitable and sustainable future: A Vision for Massachusetts. Her talk will be followed by four brief introductions to local community driven initiatives (see below) on the same theme.

Senator Mike Barrett will talk about connecting citizen activists to the legislative process, as well as connecting the Executive Branch work to the work of the Legislature.

His talk will be followed by workshops based on the community driven initiatives, focusing on:

  • Biodiversity: Protecting ecosystems, in our backyard and beyond
  • Building electrification: A future without fossil fuels
  • Networked Geothermal: Neighborhood scale heating and cooling
  • Affordable Housing: Healthy, Efficient, Resilient

Sustainable Middlesex is a network of grassroots climate action groups focused on public awareness of and advocacy for policies that support climate sustainability, mitigation, and adaptation.

Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Wild & Scenic Rivers Film Festival

Wed May 24, 7-10pm
Fine Arts Theatre, Maynard

OARS 3 Rivers is once again bringing one of the largest environmental film festivals to the Fine Arts Theatre in Maynard, MA. This is the fifteenth year that OARS 3 Rivers has hosted this popular event. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival provides environmentally conscious organizations an opportunity to showcase films as a way to reach into their communities and inspire citizens to affect environmental change.

The festival offers a way for viewers to get energized and empowered to work in the community and get involved in OARS’ initiatives and other projects.

Doors open at 6pm. Showtime is 7pm sharp.

Join us, meet new friends, and see awe-inspiring films from around the world and close to home. Door prizes from our sponsors, ice cream, wine, and local beer available.

If you can’t be part of the big night or want to re-watch the films—there’s good news: hybrid viewing tickets that include five days of video-on-demand are available.

Join the ConcordCAN Steering Group

If you are interested in joining the Steering Group, please contact any of the members: Janet Rothrock, Garret Whitney, Mary White, Scott Richardson, Janet Miller, and Sharon McGregor.