Sustainable Concord Coffees

Tuesday, November 20, 7:30 – 9 AM 
Harvey Wheeler Community Center, Auditorium

Concord’s Sustainability Division – One Year In

The presenter at this coffee will be Kate Hanley, Concord’s Director of Sustainability, who has now been in her job for a year. This job was originally created by the Town’s Energy Futures Task Force (EFTF) and made official  after a vote of the Concord Town Meeting in the spring of 2017. Kate came to Concord after working with the Environmental Defense Fund managing their graduate fellowship program, the EDF Climate Corps.

Ms Hanley will provide an overview of her first year in this position, covering what she has attempted to accomplish and the progress made to date. She will talk about the highlights of a greenhouse gas inventory that has been done; how the Town is planning for climate mitigation and resilience through a MVP (Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness) process and state grant; and the recent launching of a new Climate Action Advisory Board. Following her presentation she will respond to questions and participate in a discussion.

Come early and enjoy hot beverages and tasty local breakfast goodies at the “Climate Cafe.”

Climate Solutions Speaker Series

Friday, November 2, 7:30 – 9 PM, Doors open at 7:00 PM
Harvey Wheeler Community Center, Clocktower Room

Innovations in Climate Risk Management with Pablo Suarez & Janot Mendler De Suarez

Climate Change poses huge risks to people around the globe. Pablo and Janot are both deeply immersed in international efforts to comprehend and manage those risks. They use interactive “games” to engage very diverse groups in finding ways to cope with them. Pablo is the associate Director of the Red Cross Crescent Climate Center; and Janot is a Visiting Research Fellow at B.U.’s Pardee Center for the Study of the Long Range Future

Focusing on climate disasters, they will describe recent initiatives that illustrate how diverse people and organizations can best grasp the complexity of climate risks and move toward the tough decisions that are required to manage them. Through interactive exercises and “games,” you will experience how such methods are used to get diverse groups of people working together to cope with climate risks!  

Life in the Balance Film Series

Tuesday, November 13,  6:30 PM  Concord-Carlisle High School Auditorium, Concord

Don’t Panic, The Facts About Population

We live in a world of relentless change. Migrations of people to new mega-cities filling soaring skyscrapers and vast slums, ravenous appetites for fuel and food, unpredictable climate change… all this in a world where the population is still growing. Should we be worriedshould we be scared, how to make sense of it all?

Seven billion people now live on this planet.  When some people think about the world and its future they panic, others prefer not to think about it at all. In this documentary Professor Hans Rosling will show you how things really are.

Concord Natural Resources

Tuesday, November 6, 7:30 – 9 AM 
First Floor Meeting Room, 141 Keyes rd 

Monthly Conservation coffees  

Discussion of conservation issues in Concord

350MA MetroWest Node

Thursday, November 8, 7 – 9 PM, First Parish in Sudbury Unitarian Universalist, 327 Concord Road, Sudbury

New Pathways of Action for Climate Justice

At our next meeting  Reverend Dr. Ian Mevorach, a local activist and eco-spirituality practitioner will invite participation with an interactive practice from the Work That Reconnects. He will guide us in a facilitated process to explore together questions such as these:

  • What is a “livable” world? 
  • What are we hoping to achieve as members of an activist group? 
  • How can we harness our power as a group toward those goals? 

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate

Saturday, November 17, 9 AM – 6 PM & Sunday November 18, 9 AM – 5 PM, Harvard University, Geological Lecture Hall, 24 Oxford St., Cambridge

Climate, Biodiversity, & Survival – Listening to the Voices of Nature

A conference about humanity falling in love with the wonders and beauties of the natural world once again. For what we love, we protect. We now have a rapidly growing collection of science that demonstrates the abilities and intelligence  of creatures across the kingdoms of life.  We’ll review fascinating scientific research and everyday experiences. Register Here.

St Anne's in the Fields Climate Justice Film Series

Tuesday, November 27, 7:00 PM.  6:30 PM light vegetarian supper is served.  147 Concord Rd., Lincoln 

Living in the Future’s Past produced and narrated by Jeff Bridges

“Though it is a sobering account, Living in the Future’s Past invites us all to consider the real changes that we can make in order to change our culture of consumption, to mindfully examine what we need rather than what we want. While the outlook often seems bleak, the message is to take the future into our own hands — to change our behavior and change the world.”

Donations are accepted to pay for screening rights.

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