Who We Are

ConcordCAN! is an independent grassroots organization in Concord, Massachusetts. Our mission is to promote sustainability, to advocate for environmentally positive policies and behaviors, and to work in cooperation with other local organizations on important environmental issues.


ConcordCAN! is a voluntary organization with limited funding options; we need and want your donations. Thank you in advance for whatever you can do! Donate Button

We are a local chapter of MCAN, the Massachusetts Climate Action Network. By sending your donation through MCAN you will get credit toward a tax deduction on your federal income tax. If you want to use your charge card, click on the "Donate Now" button to reach the MCAN donation page. Fill out their donation form, selecting the ConcordCAN option under Program Designation. 5% of your donation will support MCAN. The rest will support ConcordCAN programs. If you prefer to write a check, make it out to MCAN, with "for ConcordCAN" written on the notation line at the bottom of the check. Send to Massachusetts Climate Action Network, P.O. Box 51563, Boston, MA 02205. Also, if you are willing, send us a note at concordclimate@gmail.com to let us know why you donated.

ConcordCAN banner at 350.org rally

ConcordCAN! at 350.org rally

A group of Concord citizens, who participated in the hugely successful Global Warming Symposium and Fair at Concord-Carlisle Regional High School in March 2007, felt strongly that a local climate action organization was needed. ConcordCAN!, a voluntary organization, was launched in January 2008.

We believe it is time for communities everywhere to transition to locally based economies that rely much less on fossil fuels, conserve energy, seek out alternative energy sources, grow and produce foods locally, and generally reduce carbon emissions, waste and pollution of the natural environment.

"Going Local" is central to our vision. Being a part of a worldwide movement, the impact of small changes made here will be multiplied many times over. We do not have to wait for large-scale govenmental action to address climate change and unsustainable resource consumption patterns.

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At the same time, we are mindful of the need for large-scale governmental action. New governmentally initiated policies and programs will be critical for the long-term survival of all life on our planet. With that in mind, we join and support regional and national climate action movements such as 350.org. We have been part of numerous 350.org rallies and initiatives, locally and beyond.

Our environmental activism has included organizing the filing of two warrant articles related to sustainability at the 2011 Annual Town Meeting. These articles were both passed, and the Town adopted four sustainability principles set forth in in one of the article as official guidelines for municipal decision-making.

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Contact: Concordclimate@gmail.com

ConcordCAN! is a chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN) www.massclimateaction.org

What We Do

Sustainable Concord Coffees

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ConcordCAN! hosts a monthly Coffee on the third Tuesday morning of the month at the Harvey Wheeler Community Center. Our topics range from solar to water, from food and farming to re-localizing the economy, from climate change adaptation to socially responsible investing.

At each coffee, we seek to learn from local experts; get to know each other better through lively dialogues on all aspects of sustainability; and help build a resilient community. Please join us for strong coffee, local goodies, and, above all, food for thought.

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On this Website: Speakers, Films, and More

ConcordCAN! strives to educate and activate our community about issues related to climate change and local sustainability. We bring speakers, documentary films, and monthly newspaper columns to local residents. We produce a monthly newsletter and website which include timely and thoughtful articles, environmental book reviews, and suggest other websites where information on sustainable living can be found.

Go to “What’s Happening” for information about upcoming events. Here you can find information and see a trailer of our monthly presentation of an award-winning environmental film.

Visit “Columns” page for our perspectives on important and timely environmental issues that challenge our community and world. You will find our most recent newspaper column and an archive of our past columns, giving you a sense of the wide range of issues we address. Our columns and Sustainable Concord Coffee events often correlate.

Go to Green Action to learn more about what actions you can take to address climate issues. Here you will find links to national environmental organizations as well as timely features about what kinds of actions we have taken locally or what kinds of actions we can all begin to consider.

Visit Get Involved book reviews, interviews and for suggestions on how you can work with us.

Working to Build a Sustainable Community

In addition to our own initiatives and programs, ConcordCAN! has carried out its mission through representation on various Town and civic groups whose goals for the community overlap our own. Some important examples of this are:

• By becoming part of a group of Concord citizens, town officials, and local experts who formed a steering and advisory committee in 2011 to discuss ways of promoting a sustainable food system in Concord. This led to a comprehensive local food assessment. Read about it on the Concord Food Network .
• By joining in the Concord Food Council that was formed upon recommendation in the Concord Food Report.
• By sending representatives to a “Healthy Communities” Steering Group initiated by the Concord Division of Public Health. This group helps guide an assessment of what Concord needs to be a truly “healthy” community in the broadest sense of the word. Click here for information about this project.

We have collaborated with the League of Women Voters, the Concord Free Public Library, the Concord Museum, Audubon’s Drumlin Farm, the Walden Woods Project, Carlisle Climate Action, the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School, Concord-Carlisle Adult and Community Education and more.

ConcordCAN!’s Focus on Food

Local food, healthy food, and support of local agriculture, from farm businesses to back yard gardens, inspire us. We’ve found that food - its quality, variety, and sources - engages others too as we explore together our responses to climate change.

In 2010, ConcordCAN! launched Gardening for Life, which hosts free monthly programs and field trips that encourage household gardeners to grow, harvest, store and prepare our own food as a step towards building a healthy, humane and sustainable food system. ConcordCAN! was an early supporter of the Concord Community Food System Assessment published in May 2012, and of the Concord Seed Lending Library, which opens in spring 2013.

We are a participant in the Concord Food Network,which maintains an informative website describing all facets of the local food movement in Concord.


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